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How are Rasi Dasas different from Nakshatra Dasas in Astrology

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Thus greatly delighting His parents whose minds and hearts are captivated in transcendental love by His perfect childlike activies. Frist place is for the Sun because it is exalted in Aries. Many astrologers such as Maharishi Parashara consider Taurus as exaltation signs of Rahu while many other as well as Persian astrologers consider it exalted in Gemini. Now I explain how this order makes the Nakshatra system clear. Most of modern astrologers think that Ashvini is the first Nakshatra just because it is on the first degree of sidereal zodiac.

They are right only when we think that Indians always used the sidereal signs and ashwini logically would be always on zero degree of sidereal Aries. But is it true? In many older works krittika was mentioned as the first Nakshatra.

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According to this clear definition, Krittika should be the first Nakshatra. Even the Dasa phalas Results of Dasas of planets are given according to this order. If you check the alphabets associated to Nakshatra padas you will notice that the vowel A is assigned to first pada of Krittika. Yet there is another important point here about using tropical signs in Indian astrology. I think that Indian astrologer used to employ tropical signs and sidereal Nakshatras and it seems that using sidereal calculations for both Signs and Nakshatras is a recent approach.

By recent I mean at least several hundred years of course! This subject needs a very deep discussion and more research. Just keep in mind that once upon a time vernal equinox was in Krittika which was the first Nakshatra on that time and in pretty makes sense that lord of Krittika is as same as exaltation lord of Aries which is the Sun. If we reorder Nakshatras in their previous form, nothing will be changed in our calculations.

The only change is that the first Nakshatra will be Krittika and its lord will be the Sun. The only change is to putting Krittika as the first. After reordering Nakshatras, the relations will be clearer.

This order is more similar to the forgotten Persian order of exaltations. As you can see, by a simple comparison, most planets are the same but still two little difference can be seen. Mars and Saturn are not on the same place. If we simply exclude Mars and Venus, both systems will be same! So we need to ask why this change was made. Is it by mistake or there is a reason behind it?

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It seems that Indian sages made some little changes in the system they gave from Persian. They might had not known about the reason behind the system or might had decided to localize it according to their own concepts. In both cases, they changed the order. The only thing that I can think of is about planetary friendship. There is a very famous planetary friendship or Graha Maitram which divides the planets into two groups of Daivy and Asuri.

In the first groups, the Sun is the leader and Saturn is the leader of opposite side. The implicit understanding in Vedic astrology is that every factor in a person's chart is not active at all times.

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In fact, some may never fully appear in a person's life. A planet's themes fully emerge during the running of its Dasa. During such a period, there may be dynamic ripening of ones gifts, the working through and resolution of karmic issues, the arising of events signified by the planet, etc.

Everything a Dasa lord influences is activated during its period - the houses it occupies and rules, every planet it aspects, and the themes it signifies e. Venus signifies relationships and vehicles. One dasa follows another in a fixed planetary sequence. The starting point of the Dasa sequence for each person is calculated from the position of their Moon at birth.

The Dasa system came into being at a time when the Moon's movement in the sky was closely watched.

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The section of the heavens transited by the Moon each day is called its lunar mansion or Nakshatra. Every day the Moon moves into a new nakshatra, and each nakshatra is ruled by a different planet.

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At the time of a person's birth, the planet that rules the nakshatra the Moon occupies becomes the first Dasa lord. Therefore, the first Dasa in his life was his Saturn Dasha. Since the Moon had almost finished its transit through Pushyami by the time Tom was born, he quickly entered his Mercury Dasa when he was one month old.

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